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Isolde-Nagel Morph.jpeg
Christian-Marlow Morph.jpeg
Kadisha-NKita-Kabongo Morph.jpeg
Peter-Wiezorrek Morph.jpeg


Open Call, digitally edited photography


In an open call, I asked to have a photographic self-portrait (shoulder portrait). I took a selfie of myself for each portrait sent in. I then morphed both portraits into one another using freely accessible morph software. The result was developed twice - one was given to the participant, one became part of the work on display.

A portrait of the self that you make available to someone requires a number of decisions. From the decision to follow the Open Call's request to the submission of the photo, a wide variety of processes can take place, all of which deal with a more or less intensive, temporary search for the self-image. The disclosure of identity also plays a significant role. Ich1-n questions authorship and the right to one's (self) image. The visitor becomes part of the work and the artist and vice versa - the artist, on the other hand, also becomes the (optically) connecting element of the portraits.

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