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Ausstellungssituation Burgpassage Braunschweig


performative video work, room installation


In a darkened room, five small tablets are attached to the walls, which simultaneously play five different videos of a performance. They show from a slightly different perspective how the upper part of an overhead projector, which consists of a lens, mirror and a connecting hinge, can be opened and closed hectically to mantrically. Movements create optical, but above all acoustic interference. It rattles continuously like in an open-plan office at typewriter times. The filmed performance is repeated live while the tablet are running on the wall in the same room. Here the stress factor described above is further increased: the performance ends either with the physical exhaustion of the protagonist - or maybe one day with the death of the projector.

Text: Thomas Rentmeister

Performance (Ausschnitt)

22.06.2018, Burgpassage Braunschweig

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