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Stone to go


digital sculpture, interactive, mobile sculpture

Stone to go was realized as part of the Q21 Artist in Residence at paraflows (AUT).

Stone sculptures own the property that once they have been moved to their place of residence, they will probably never (be able to) be moved again. Just their surface, that which we take in visually and haptically, characterizes them as heavy, clumsy, massive and rigid - in contrast to stones in cartoons or video games: These often appear smooth, so they do not remind of weather or the travel of long distances. They seem supposedly light - just as if you could just carry them around with you on the fingertips behind your back - like Obelix.

Stone to go focused on aspects of mobility as well as visually (virtually) caused, remembered haptics on the grounds of the Lindabrunn symposium, thereby reflecting the process of basic sculpture in the digital age.

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